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Look forward to a box every month with hand-picked survival and preparedness gear to help you be ready for just about anything.  Boxes ship around the 15th and renewals are on the 25th.



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Cool Gear

Every Prepper Gear Box will contain 2-3 (or one very cool) carefully selected, high quality survival gear and preparedness items for situations as diverse as wilderness survival, personal protection, storm preparation, urban survival, EDC and others.

Skills and Education

Being prepared isn’t just about having the right gear, but also having the skills and knowledge to react and adapt to the situation. That is why every Prepper Gear Box will have helpful tips, instructions and challenges to grow your survival skills and confidence in any situation.


I am looking forward to this month’s box. What I got last month was well worth it. THANK YOU!

- Jarin -

I love, love, love you guys! Gonna tell everyone… about ya!

- Red-Death -

My husband just got his and absolutely loves it…

- Mel Bush -

I would highly recommend for anyone camping, hiking, hunting, or just being outdoors.

- Patrick -

Cool gear whether you consider yourself a survivalist, a camper or a weekend warrior. Definitely a bargain.

- Jason -

My kind of box!

- Jonah -

Just got my welcome box... And love everything in it!!!

- A.J. -

I am very happy with the items included. I can't wait for the next box.

- Amy -

I love the gear! Mora knife, tactical pen, cache lighter and much more.

- Brent -


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about us

What we are about is pretty simple. We like new survival gear and learning new skills which help us be prepared for any situation or emergency. Our goal is to make sure that every month you get practical (even cool) survival gear and the opportunity to learn and practice new skills, at a reasonable price. We focus on sending you a few well chosen items rather than stuffing the box full of stuff you probably don’t need. This means we can keep the subscription price low without affecting your budget too much. You will also notice that we keep the boxes and packaging simple and basic. This means more of your subscription goes into the gear and not fancy packaging that just ends up in the trash.

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